Are these genuine products?

We only sell genuine quality products from sleep manufacturers who follow a rigorous quality check before the product is available for sale.

Why are they much cheaper than what I pay at my local CPAP shop?

We get them from Europe or America or Canada where all major manufacturers sell the same product for a much cheaper price. In these countries private health insurers provide yearly payment to buy replacement CPAP masks and parts like Australian private health insurers provide for replacing your prescription glass every 12 months. When you buy from us you do not need to worry about customs, USD conversion or wait for months to get your item. Best of all you get local support and can claim it from your private health insurer whereas overseas suppliers can’t provide you an ABN and Australian address which is needed by your Australian private health insurance to make a claim

Do you have a storefront where I can try the products?

To provide our customers, the best price we only have online stores. In most cases our customers already know and use the CPAP mask they wish to buy as a replacement. You only need to know the name and size of the masks you use. Manufacturers make them exactly as per the specifications so you will get the same replacements. We are very happy to answer as many questions as you must get completely satisfied before you make a purchase. So don’t hesitate to ask!!!

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes, local pickup from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia can be requested. We promptly process your orders so leave a message to us when you order so that we can put your order aside and provide you with a local pickup address.

Why can’t I return an open pack?

As you are aware these are hygiene products which need to be supplied clean and free from any contamination. It is very clearly mentioned in our terms of sale that please choose the mask which has been recommended or prescribed to you by your sleep clinic. We always get this clarification that, how we know if a mask suits me until I use it. That is why we recommend getting it tested and recommended by your sleep clinic or sleep specialist because they have appropriate cost structure built into those masks to allow rejection. We sell it cheap because we can’t provide the returns as sleep clinics can. The used mask is of no value to us or anyone as it can’t be resold to another person due to health and hygiene reasons.

Do you send an invoice so that I can claim it from my private health insurer?

Yes, we do provide a tax invoice for your purchase which is sent to your email address soon after the order is received. The invoice contains your name, address, and item purchased including the price and any discount applied. Your name and address will be as per your delivery address details and we will not be able to change it as the invoice is generated soon after the order is placed. It also contains our Name with ABN number and the Australian address which is the requirement by the Australian private health companies to make a claim. How much you can claim depends on your policy and private health insurer.

Do you have a provider number?

Provider number is issued by Medicare Australia for the eligible medical services. We are not a medical service provider. We retail CPAP masks which you get recommended from your medical service provider i.e. your GP or sleep specialist or sleep clinic. As an online retailer we cannot get a service provider number. In Australia you do NOT need a medical prescription to buy a CPAP Mask, Mask Parts or Machine Parts although we highly recommend you only buy the mask you have been prescribed by your medical practitioner.

Could you help me pick a suitable mask for me?

No, we are an online reseller of the mask which you already have recommendations for your use by your sleep clinic. It is very hard to advise you on-line whether a particular mask will suit you or not. Prescribing a mask which suits your medical needs is a specialist’s job which is done in person.

Does this mask fit my CPAP machine?

Almost all masks and machines made by various manufacturers are compatible with each other. Some of the masks and machines may need special settings to work efficiently. When you get recommended for CPAP therapy you get prescribed both a CPAP machine and a compatible CPAP mask which suits your sleep therapy needs. Majority of the time people continue with the same prescribed combinations for years unless their sleep therapy needs modification. If you are buying a replacement for your current CPAP mask or mask parts they will fit right in as hand in glove.

Can I pay by direct bank deposit for my purchase? 

We also accept payment via bank transfer to our Commonwealth bank account. Please contact us to use this payment option. Please use your Order-ID and the item no. as payment reference for bank transfers. This helps us identify your payment so that your shipment is not delayed. Please note that payments made by Bank deposit will take 2-5 days for the funds to be cleared into our bank account.

I get an error when I try to create an account?

This issue could happen when the web browser you are using cache the web pages from our web-store. If you get an error try using another web browser (like Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge).

Another way to fix this issue is to clear the local cache of your web browser.